Seeking Skilled Captains with Certified Training

Hiring Expert Boat captains

All of our captains are required to fulfill the United States Coast Guard (USCG) standards and must be certified through a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Boater’s Safety Course. Please do not apply unless you have completed your Boater’s Safety Course.

Compensation Details

Initial Wage: $20 Per Hour + Tips


Off-Peak Period: (March – April): Approximately 4-12 hours per week, predominantly weekends

Peak Period: (May – September): About 8 – 30 hours weekly, including Thursdays to Sundays

Season Timeline

Transitional Period (Semi-Slow): March 1 – April 30

High Demand Period: May 3rd – September 2nd

Work Availability: Option to work only on weekends upon request

Limited Work Period: October – February

Employee Benefits

Worker’s Compensation included


Health Insurance not provided


Flexible scheduling options


No requirement for a truck for towing purposes


Organized Captain/Company Excursions during the year, including activities like Dove Hunting, Fishing, trips to Cozumel, etc.


Estimated Annual Earnings: Over $40,000